Guest Cottage

Arrival and Departure Information

Upon arrival and on departure, please be considerate of the following guidelines.

Arrival:  Arrival time no earlier than 4:00 pm.

1. Upon final payment of your rental agreement a key code is sent to the person contracting the rental agreement.  This key code fits a Master key box adjacent to the front door.  Inside the key box you will find two identical keys for the unit.

2.  The same key fits the turn knob and the deadbolt of front and rear doors and the rental storage unit under the unit.  When closing the front , rear, or storage unit doors, they are locked.  However, for maximum security, the deadbolt locks should be locked at all times you are away from the unit.  (The homeowner is not responsible for articles owned by the renter.)

3.  If you have ordered linens with your stay, the linens will be in the house when you arrive including bed sheets and pillowcases, bath linens, and kitchen linens.  If you plan to bring your own linens, please be advised that bed pillows, comforters, and blankets are all provided.  These blankets and comforters are not to be taken to the beach for any reason.  Pillowcases are not provided without linen service.

4.  Upon arrival, the heat and air-conditioning may be turned on the heat position at 55 degrees.  When setting a comfortable temperature, the heat setting should be around 65 degrees.  When air conditioning is required, a comfortable setting should be around 74 to 76 degrees.  (Please note that turning the air conditioning down to a much colder temperature is not going to cool the house any faster.)

5.  If bathroom commodes do not fill when you first get there, check the valve on the left side under the tank to make sure water is not turned off.  (In off-season, or during slow rental periods, the valves are sometimes turned off for safety purposes). Turn counter-clockwise to turn water valves on.

6.  Please note: Personal hygiene items, tissues, paper towels, facial tissues, bathing soaps, hair dryers, etc. are not available as part of your rental contract.

7.  DO NOT move furniture from room to room or within the room during your stay.  All furnishings are strategically placed to offer maximum space and comfort for all visiting parties to the unit.

8.  Please DO NOT open exterior windows of the unit during your stay.  The unit is built with energy efficient exterior windows and doors for controlled temperature comfort by use of heating and cooling system.

Departure:            Departure time no later than 10:00 am.

1.  All garbage cans should be emptied and garbage placed in gray garbage container under the unit.

2.  All left over food products should be removed from the unit and placed in garbage bags in the gray garbage container under the unit if not accompanying you in your departure.

3.  All dirty dishes should be placed in dish washer and dishwasher started for automatic washing.

4.  If a linen service was ordered, remove all bed and bath linens and put in the original plastic bags and place by the front door.  (Please do not leave on hardwood floors or carpets).

5.  All personal linens not furnished by the unit or a linen service should be removed and in your possession upon departure.  Homeowner is not responsible for linens left behind on departure.

6.  If windows have been opened during your stay, please assure they are closed before your departure.

7.  During the months of May 15 thru September 30, the heat and air-conditioning system should be left on the air-conditioning setting at 85 degrees upon departure.  During the months of October 1 thru May 15 the heating and cooling unit should be on the  heat setting at 48 degrees when you depart.

8.  Please turn off all interior lights.

9.  Upon departure, assure that all locks and deadbolt locks (including storage room) are secured and place the keys back in the Master lock box and secure the lock box properly. 

Failure to follow these guidelines will cause immediate forfeiture of you security and key deposit.

Our goal is to offer you a most enjoyable property to spend your vacation.  Please respect our property and leave the unit as you would expect to find when you arrive.  Thanks for your consideration of the next visitor to the property. 

Travel safely and enjoy your vacation in the Myrtle Beach area!!!