Guest Cottage

Rules and Regulations for Property Rental

The Guest Cottage Homeowners Association and all of our owners make every effort possible to insure the Guest Cottage complex is superior to any other property in the Shore Drive community.  Our intention is to offer a family type atmosphere that is clean, quiet, well maintained and visitor friendly. 

The following guidelines must be adhered to while renting a Guest Cottage unit.

 This Guest Cottage rental must be completed to a responsible party not younger than twenty-six (26) years of age who assumes responsibility for any activity in the unit during the rental period and who is on site for the duration of the rental period.

  1. There will be no house parties allowed within the Guest Cottage complex regardless of the age of the responsible party.  Any rental group suspected of unnecessary activity within a Guest Cottage unit will be reported to the rental agency as well as the owner with the expectation of eviction immediately.

Rental occupancy limitations will be enforced as follows: 

4 bedroom unit: no more than 10 persons

    1. 3 bedroom unit: no more than 8 persons

    2. 2 bedroom unit: no more than 6 persons

    3. Duplex: no more than 4 persons per unit.

  1. No pets are allowed in a Guest Cottage unit unless accompanied by the owner of the unit.  Absolutely no pets are allowed to roam freely within the Guest Cottage complex regardless of the owner.

  1. Pool furniture may not be removed from the pool deck area at any time.  Pool furniture is offered for the use of all owners and visitors at poolside and is not intended for private use away from the pool deck.

  1. Absolutely no fireworks are allowed within the Guest Cottage complex.  Anyone caught discharging fireworks within the Guest Cottage complex will be immediately reported to local law enforcement officials and ask to leave the property.  Any persons discharging fireworks against regulations within the complex will be responsible for any and all damage caused by the firework including but not limited to: personal injury, property damage, unit fire damage, and property fire damage.

  1. Three wheel banana bikes are not to be operated within the complex.


Golf carts operated within the complex must be owned by a Guest Cottage Homeowner, registered with the Guest Cottage Homeowner Association, display a South Carolina Golf Cart Registration Certification, and be covered by a minimum $100,000.00 liability insurance.  Golf carts may not be operated by a driver under 16 years of age.  Any operator must have a certified automobile drivers license from the State of permanent residency.  Rental golf carts are not allowed on the Guest Cottage complex.


  1. No motorcycles are allowed within the Guest Cottage complex unless owned by a Guest Cottage Homeowner and registered with the Guest Cottage Homeowners Association.  Guest of Homeowner may accompany Homeowner but only if the motorcycle is registered with the association prior to arrival.  The motorcycle must display a Guest Cottage Motorcycle / Golf Cart registration.  Any person bringing a motorcycle on the property without proper registration will be ask to remove the motorcycle from the property immediately.  Failure to do so will result in the rental agency and homeowner being notified with the requirement of removal of said equipment or eviction of the visitor.


Your assistance in the notification of these guidelines to all visitors and vacationers upon rental agreement is greatly appreciated.  The Guest Cottage Homeowner is sending you this friendly reminder in an effort to eliminate any embarrassment and aggravation to you or the  owners of the unit in which you are staying.  Failure to operate within the guidelines set forth will result in further action being taken which will ultimately be embarrassing and/or aggravating for both you and your guests and can result in eviction. 

Any damage to the property as a result of mis-behavior, neglect, house parties, pets, failure to turn off appliances when leaving the unit, etc. will be the responsibility of the visitor renting the unit.

AS owner of this unit, we strive to offer very high quality homes at affordable prices.  We request our visitors care for our properties in the same condition when you arrive. 

Wishing you an enjoyable vacation stay,


Regulation must be printed and signed by renter and returned with initial deposit check including signature and copy of a pictured legal identification.

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Full Name Printed _____________________________